Jeru­salem Sage - Phlomis Russeliana
  • Jeru­salem Sage - Phlomis Russeliana


    15 open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


    Phlomis Russeliana produces at intervals, long stems of soft yellow whorled flowers from late spring into autumn. Its lush and dramatic heart shaped green leaves are an another feature of this plant. These plants provide an architectural candelabra-like effect in the garden, and as a bonus in autumn the flowers turn to handsome seed heads, which add interest to the autumn garden.


    These plants are hardy and can handle temperatures to – 15C and are evergreen.  Phlomis Russeliana is drought hardy and is an excellent plant for dry partial shade or a dry site in full sun. It tolerates poor, dry soil extremely well. 


    Seeds are sown in pots during late spring to summer.  Sow finely and cover with a thin layer of seed raising mix . Seeds require light for germination. Propagate at 20C. Keep moist but not wet.  These seeds can germinate erratically and can take some months to grow.