Lathyrus nissolia

Lathyrus nissolia


Grass vetchling or grass pea, is a plant species of the genus Lathyrus. It is native to most of Europe, Maghreb, Levant and the Caucasus. Despite its common name, it is not a grass, but belongs to the legume family Fabaceae.  


This plant is perfect to grow in meadow gardens amongst plants like oxe eye daisy.  When in flower, this plant is approximately 90cm high.


Perennial species cultivars should be sown in pots September/October for their first year. Abrading the seed coat, or soaking the seed in hot water immediately prior to sowing may help. Placed outside with no heat. They may take up to 3 months to show.


Let the plant establish for it's first year in a large pot to establish root growth, then plant out the following year. They should produce flowers in the second year (occasionally third year).

Once established, when all the growth has died off simply cut back to the ground and they will sprout again.

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