Mint Eau De Cologne

Mint Eau De Cologne


Eau de Cologne Mint is a low growing perennial with an erect growth habit. The smooth oval leaves are green, but the serrated leaf edges are often tinged with bronze or purple. The lemon-like perfume or aroma is strong and quite sharply intense. It is considered one of the most fragrant of all the mints. Even softly crushing the leaves will release the aroma. The lilac flowers appear from mid to late summer and may continue through to autumn. Eau de Cologne mint is sometimes called Lemon Mint. It is a natural hybrid of the natural M. aquatica (Water Mint) and M. spicata (Spearmint), with the botanical name Mentha x piperita var citrata.


7cm pot


Recommended by the RHS to be an excellent attractant and nectar source for bees and other beneficial insects.


If mosquitoes are troublesome rub a bruised leaf on your forehead and neck.


Source of the oil or essence of Eau de Cologne.


Reaches up to 30-45 cm high and spreads up to 1 meter.