Lemon Scented Pelargonium - Pelargonium Crispum

Lemon Scented Pelargonium - Pelargonium Crispum


Scented Geranium ‘Lemon Crisp ’is an evergreen perennial that grows to approximately 70cm high and 30cm wide. This lemon scented geranium is often used for cooking and to scent icing sugar and other desserts. The flowers may also be used in salads or to make decorative ice blocks to be used in cool drinks.  


It prefers full sun and tolerates dry soils so it is ideal for hot dry gardens. In cool climates protect from the winter cold. Place them near a gate or path where you brush against the leaves as you walk by, or in a pot where children can rub the leaves to enjoy their fragrance.


Foliage is used in floral arrangements and will last up to 7 days.


10cm pot