Lilium lancifolium or Lilium tigrinum (Tiger Lily)
  • Lilium lancifolium or Lilium tigrinum (Tiger Lily)


    Potted Plant.  Bulbs available during autumn.  Pick up from Cressy only.


    Bright orange flowers are one sure fire way to add a dramatic statement to any garden.  Tiger Lilies are herbaceous perennials which grow from bulbs and produce these stately flowers during summer. This flower's petals curve backward and are speckled with raised brown/black spots.  The plants need full sun and prefer moist to wet well drained soil and will grow to around 1.5m in height.  


    Liliums make excellent cut flowers.


    Tiger Lily is toxic for cats. The smallest amount of pollen produces vomiting, lethargy, kidney failure and even death.  DO NOT grow or place these plants or cut flowers anywhere near cats.