Linaria purpurea - Toadflax

Linaria purpurea - Toadflax


20 open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


Native to southern Italy but has naturalised in other parts of Europe. An erect evergreen short lived perennial (3 to 4 years) with stiff stems and pale green leaves, it bears tall dense flower spikes of dainty pale purple flowers, each with two lips and spurs, rather like snapdragons in late spring.  Linaria purpurea is a very hardy plant being drought and frost tolerant once established.  Growing to a height of 90cm and a width of 50cm. It isn't fussy about is growing conditions, growing in full sun but can handle some shade plus it will tolerate most well drained soils except heavy clay.  It’s extremely attractive to bees and butterflies and makes a beautiful cut flower.


Cut stems when the when the first few blooms open starts to open. Flowers will continue to open up the stem for a week or more. Placing the flowers in bright indirect light and maintaining them (stems are recut plus water changed regularly) they will continue to open up the stem, and can last for several weeks as a cut flower.  


Seeds are best sowing where the plant is to be grown.  If you do need to sow in pots, transplant carefully without disturbing the roots when seedlings are around 10cm high.  Seeds can be sown at any time, however germination can sometimes be quicker if kept at 15 to 20C.  Lightly cover seeds with soil and water.  Keep damp not wet.