Lobelia speciosa 'Starship Deep Rose'

Lobelia speciosa 'Starship Deep Rose'


Rose-pink tubular flowers that open along strong flowering stems in mid-summer, attracting pollinators into autumn.


Looking for a plant for a boggy area in your garden?  Then perennial Lobelias are what you are looking for.  These plants must have constant water to thrive.  You can either grow them in pots placed in ponds (keep the top of the pot above the water) or in a bog garden.  They prefer some afternoon shade.  Plants are frost hardy to -5C.  Height 60cm.  It is a tough, low maintenance plant so long as you provide the correct conditions for it. 


Perennial Lobelias have a compact, bushy habit, bearing vibrant flower spikes at the end of summer.  Flowers come in shades of blue, red, salmon, pink and white.  Leaves can be either green or burgundy.  Bees and butterflies love these flowers.


Excellent cut flowers.


Note - Severe discomfort may result if ingested.