Mizuna Red - Brassica rapa nipponosica

Mizuna Red - Brassica rapa nipponosica


Quarter of a teaspoon of  open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $3.50.


Red Mizuna is native to China, though it is considered a Japanese green. The dark chlorophyll-laden green leaves of Mizuna offer most of the plant's nutrition which provide beta carotene and minerals. Red Mizuna is also high in vitamin C, folate, and iron.


Red mizuna has a sharp mustard bite, young leaves are milder and are perfect as microgreens and in salads.  The older leaves are stronger and can be used in stir-fries and soups.


This plant is best grown in cooler regions.  I leave mine to self seed and move the established seedlings to one area of the kitchen garden.  To sow seeds select a sunny position where the soil maintains its moisture.  Sow seeds 5mm deep and mulch.  Seedlings will emerge in 6-10days.  Keep the plants well watered but not wet.