'Murasakihigezaki' Japanese Morning Glory - Ipomoea purpurea

'Murasakihigezaki' Japanese Morning Glory - Ipomoea purpurea


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Murasakihigezaki is a rare form of morning glory with multiple 'shredded' type petals giving it a fluffy effect. Each bloom is unique with vibrant deep purple petals and a white throat.


This easy-care vine grows fast and once established, it is very tolerant of dry conditions. Once it starts flowering, it will continue to do so for many months, only slowing down when the weather turns cold for winter. This vine is treated as an annual, so will eventually die back.

Start the seeds off in spring, when the danger of frost has passed. Lightly nick the seed and soak for 4 hours. Sow seeds in moist potting mix about 1cm deep and place in an area of bright light or alternatively, direct sow. Germination takes about 10-14 days. If grown in pots, wait till the first true leaves appear before planting out.


The plant does best in full sun. When the plants are young, deep watering is needed to establish a good root zone, after which, minimal watering is required.


It will need a good trellis or frame to scramble over. As it grows  to around 3 metres in height and around to 3-4.5 metres wide.  

The flowers open early in the morning and as the day warms, they wither. Cooler days, mean longer lasting flowers.