White Obedient Plant - Physostegia Virginiana

White Obedient Plant - Physostegia Virginiana


10 open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


White Obedient Plant or False Dragonhead is perfect for cottage gardens and looks wonderful in a naturalized landscape or meadow-type setting.   It can be aggressive but easy to manage, deadhead  which will encourage more blooms and also slow down the re-seeding.   The blooms are excellent cut flowers.  Young self seeded plants are easy to remove.  White Obedient Plant prefers a sunny to semi shaded position with well drained soil.  Plants grow to approximately 60cm in height.  


Seeds need a cold spell to break dormancy, if you live in a warmer area then store the seeds in the fridge for a minium of 4 weeks before sowing.  Sow seeds in a light potting mix and keep damp not wet.  Plant out into the garden once the plants are around 10m in height and after the last frost.  

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