Pansy - Purple with White Stripes

Pansy - Purple with White Stripes


10 open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


These large frilly purple with white stripe flowers sure make a statement!


Flowers are approximately 5 to 6cm and with the plant growing to a height of 15cm. It will flower during the cooler months of the year, especially in spring and autumn. It will perform best in areas with cool summers and low humidity and prefers light shade. Pansies and violas are traditional cottage garden plants but can also be grown in pots, hanging baskets or window boxes.


These flowers can be picked and used in small posies. Pick the flowers as they are starting to open. You can expect these flowers to have a vase life of 5 to 7 days with flower food. These flowers are edible! Use them to add colour to a fresh salad or to decorate home baked cakes and biscuits.


Seeds are sown in either spring or autumn.  Seeds require darkness to germinate so cover lightly.  Germination can sometimes be quicker if kept at 15 to 20C.

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