Phlomis Bovei - Moroccan Sage

Phlomis Bovei - Moroccan Sage


10 open pollinated seeds from our gardens.  


This perennial plant has broad, grey felted, heart shaped leaves, that form a dense and weed suppressing groundcover. However when in flower during summer it will get to be a large plant around 1.5m high. A real statement in the garden. Frost and drought tolerant.  


Makes an excellent cut flower and have a long vase life.   Seeds pods can also be used in floral arrangements. 


Seeds are sown in pots during late spring to summer.  Sow finely and cover with a thin layer of seed raising mix . Seeds require light for germination. Propagate at 20C. Keep moist but not wet.  These seeds can germinate erratically and can take some months to grow.