Pixie Delight Lupin - Lupinus hartwegii nanus

Pixie Delight Lupin - Lupinus hartwegii nanus


15 seeds of open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00. 


For those in the warmer areas of Australia that can’t grow Russell Lupins, Pixie Delight Lupins may be the answer to your prayers. These lovely pastel-coloured lupins are an annual, so they are all done and dusted by the time the heat and humidity hits. Pixie Lupins are a single stem or bushy annual and grow to approximately 40cm x 30cm wide in a part shade to full sun position. They like a free-draining soil (do not like wet feet) from acid to neutral. 


Seeds can be sown with or without a 24 hour soaking, though I personally found germination was faster with the water treatment. Seeds can take up to 3 weeks to germinate. If not, make sure the soil is kept moist (not wet) till they sprout. They can be started in root training pots or directly sowed, just take a little care when transplanting them at the true leaf stage. Never try and transplant a large plant as they will reward you by turning up their toes. In warm and cool temperate areas, sow in autumn/spring, very cold frosty areas, sow in spring. Sub-tropical, sow in autumn when the temperatures have started to drop.


Flowers can be picked where the stem meets the base of the plant. I didn’t cut mine this year, but these should have a vase life of up to 7 days. The recommended method for picking and conditioning lupins are as follows: cut low and remove any foliage, split the stems and condition overnight in a bucket of cool water and spray the flowers and stems with a fine mist of water.