Sarcococca confusa - Sweet Box

Sarcococca confusa - Sweet Box


5 open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00


Sweetly scented, Sarcococca confusa is a terrific, winter-flowering (followed by shiny red-black berries), evergreen shrub growing to 1 metre in height. It is an excellent hedging plant, best positioned near pathways or windows where its fragrance can be enjoyed.  This is a very easy to grow plant that is not fussy, it prefers a sunny spot to light shade and is frost tolerant once established.  


These seeds are best sown one seed per 10cm pot in autumn.  If you are in a warmer area you will need to place your seeds in the fridge for 6 weeks before sowing them. Lightly cover the seeds with good quality potting mix.  Water and keep the pot damp but not wet.  It takes about 4-6 months for the seeds to germinate and develop a good root system.  Keep the plants out of the sun and wind until they are established.  Do not allow the pots to dry out.  Plants will be ready to plant out at around 12 weeks. 

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