Poppy Seeds (inc Peony Poppies)
  • Poppy Seeds (inc Peony Poppies)


    Quarter of a teaspoon of open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


    These are open pollinated seeds, which I prefer. It is a surprise each year as to what the flowers will be. I made certain to collect seeds from all over the garden to get a good mix.


    Nothing makes a statement like the large fluffy heads of the Peony Poppy. They come in a range of colours from a white through to a range of pinks and reds, to a deep burgundy. Seeds of these fast growing plants with their blue/grey serrated foliage, are scattered during winter to give an outstanding display in late Spring. The seeds need light to germinate, so just give them a light press into the soil and water in. These plants will grow about 80cm high and are drought and frost tolerant. They are the perfect plant for a compact display. The seed heads can be used as a decorative dried filler or sprayed with paint for a more dramatic look. They will self sow if allowed.


    For warmer regions, place seeds in the fridge for 6 weeks before sowing.  

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