Queensland Blue Pumpkin - Curcurbita maxima

Queensland Blue Pumpkin - Curcurbita maxima


$3.00 for 10 seeds.


The Queensland Blue is an Australian heirloom medium to large pumpkin with a deeply ribbed hard, dark slate/blue skin. It has excellent keeping qualities if left to cure on the vine. The Queensland Blue can be roasted, boiled, used in casseroles, scones, cakes and soups.


Pumpkins can be picked for use when they sound hollow when knocked, but to extend the life of a stored pumpkin, they are best left on the vine as it dies, to cure. A few light frosts aid in the curing
process, though if the weather is going to be wet and cold during this process, they are best bought inside to cure in a warm, dry place for about two weeks.

Pumpkins are a frost tender annual, and seeds are sown in Spring after the danger of frost is over.
Plant them so that they get at least 6 hours of sun a day in rich well drained soil. Sow the seeds about 2cm deep in mounds, 1.5 – 2 metres apart, rows 3 metres apart. Germination takes about 5 -10 days in temperatures from 20C to 35C.

Ground watering is better than overhead watering as this can lead to the vines getting powdery mildew early in the season.

Queensland Blues take about 100 – 140 days from sowing to harvest.


Roast Pumpkin Seeds


  • Wash your pumpkin seeds to remove the flesh of the pumpkin.


  • Boil the seeds in salted water before you toast them in the oven.  The saltiness depends on how much salt you use and how long you boil the seeds. 


  • Place the seeds on a baking tray spreading them out.  Bake in a preheated oven at 200C.  Toss during baking.  Small seeds will take around five minutues, larger seeds may take up to 20 minutes.


  • Smaller seeds can be eaten whole whereas larger seeds will need to be shelled before eating.