Salvia verticillata alba White Rain - Whorled Sage - Seeds

Salvia verticillata alba White Rain - Whorled Sage - Seeds


15 open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


Evergreen perennial, forming a bushy mound of fuzzy olive-green leaves. Upright spikes of white flowers begin to appear in early summer, and will continue for weeks if the spent heads are regularly removed. Grow in full sun to partical shade. It tolerates many soil conditions that are well drained, and is drought tolerant, once established. Salvia verticillata is extremely frost hardy, as it is able to withstand hard frosts to below -20C. A nice choice for the border, low enough to use for edging. If plants become floppy in mid summer they should be clipped back hard to rejuvenate the foliage.  Height 45cm.


Excellent cut flower.


Sow seeds in spring when temperatures are around 20C.  Gently place seeds on top of the potting mix and carefully water.  Seeds need light to germinate.  Keep soil damp but not wet.  Grow seeds until they are around 10cm in height before planting out into the garden.