Salvia viridis var. comata - Annual Clary Blue
  • Salvia viridis var. comata - Annual Clary Blue


    40 open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00 


    A hardy annual, seeds are best sown early spring to mid summer in mild to cool areas. In warmer climates with no frost, sowing can start from late winter. Sow seeds in seed raising mix about half a centimetre deep. Alternatively, rake the soil, sprinkle the seeds, lightly rake over and gently water in. Keep soil moist but not wet, till germination occurs, usually within 14 days.


    These plants prefer full sun, but will tolerate light shade. Best soil conditions are free draining as they will rot if the beds are too wet.  The flowers are small up the stem of the plant, but it is the bracts at the top, which provide most of the colour. Size 50cm high x 40cm wide.


    Flowers can be used fresh, sear stems in just boiled water for 20 seconds and vase life is about 7 days. Alternatively, the stems can be picked and dried in a cool dark area and used for dried flower arrangements.