Sanguisorba officinalis ‘Arnhem’ - Great Burnet 'Arnhem'

Sanguisorba officinalis ‘Arnhem’ - Great Burnet 'Arnhem'


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In a garden filled with hundreds of plants, this one always gets commented on.


'Arnhem' is a tall, herbaceous perennial that can reach 2m (including flowers).  Late summer to autumn sees this plant burst into flower.  It produces an abundance of spikes with deep red, cone like flowers.  These flower spikes dance and sway in the breeze, adding movement and texture to the garden. 


The flowers are also used in dried flower arrangements.


This plant also has interesting foliage that is saw toothed which turns red in autumn.  'Arnhem' is a hardy plant that likes a damp position in full sun but can also handle dry positions.  This plant is perfect for meadow and naturalistic gardens.


Seeds can be directly sown in autumn if in an area that experiences a cold winter.  If not, seeds will need to be placed into the refrigerator for 4 weeks before planting out.  If planting into pots, plant the seeds into a mixture for seed raising.  You might find it easier to mix the seeds with horticultural grade sand.  This assists with an even distribution of the seeds.  Keep soil moist but not wet.  Germination will take up to three weeks. 


Seedlings can be planted out in spring once they have developed several sets of leaves and frost has ceased.  Plants are rather slow growing so expect flowering in the second year. These plants grow naturally in damp areas so keep seedlings well-watered.  Once the plants are established they can handle much drier conditions.