Eryngium bourgatii - Sea Holly
  • Eryngium bourgatii - Sea Holly


    Quarter of a teaspoon of open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


    Sea Holly - Eryngium bourgatii is a striking blue plant that the bees love. Native to the Pyrenees, a good blue variety forming a rounded mound of foliage and flowers in mid-summer. This spiky, architectural plant will add interest to your garden. Sea Holly is a very hardy, reliable perennial plant for temperate areas. It happily grows in full sun and requires little water. The plant itself reaches a height of 30cm but with the flowers its height is around 90cm. The metallic blue flowers start appearing from mid-summer until the end of autumn. Excellent plant for cottage, meadow and cutting gardens.


    The flowers can be used in floral arrangements both fresh and dried. Or you can leave the seed heads for a winter feature. The blue colouring lasts for months in dried arrangements.


    Direct sowing of seed in autumn is recommended over transplanting seedlings / plants as Sea Holly has a long tap root. Soil with good drainage is preferred to prevent root rot and powdery mildew.Sow seeds in autumn. If you wish to grow Sea Holly but do not have a cold winter which the seeds need. Place seeds in the refrigerator for a minimum of six weeks. Seeds will need to be placed in small plastic bags or containers to keep dry. Then direct sow.