Shasta Daisy - Leucanthemum × superbum

Shasta Daisy - Leucanthemum × superbum


1/8 open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00.


Shasta Daisies are a perennial cottage garden staple.  These cheery flowers start to appear in late spring and continue on for several months.  Deadheading will assist with proloinging the flowering.  Shasta Daisies are a hardy plant that will thrive in less than ideal conditions. The main requirements are full sun and well drained soil.  Plants grow to 60cm however are much taller when in flower.  Due to their size they are heavy and will flop.  It is best to grow the plants through a hoop of sturdy wire.  


Shasta Daisies are an excellent cut flower with a long vase life.  Harvest early in the morning and place in cool water and condition for a couple of hours.  


Seeds are best sown when temperatures are around 20C and the danger of frost has passed.  You can either direct sow or sow in pots.  Cover seeds with a fine layer of potting mix, water and keep damp not wet.  Germination will occur between 10 to 14 days.  Grow plants onto a height of 10cm and tranplant into the garden.