Siberian Iris - Iris sibirica - Mixed Seeds
  • Siberian Iris - Iris sibirica - Mixed Seeds


    6 open pollinated seeds from our gardens for $4.00. (2 seeds of each variety).


    Siberian Irises (Iris sibirica) are a herbaceous perennials that has a long display season, easy to grow and low maintenance. The flowers of Siberian Irises are supported on strong, thin stems which give the illusion of the blooms almost floating above the foliage. They are suitable for borders, cottage gardens, meadow gardens and along edges of ponds, but not for growing in water. Grow the plants in full sun, in rich well drained but not too acidic soil. Keep plants moist during their first year of growing, after this they are drought tolerant. Siberian Irises require a cold winter with frosts to flower well. The flowers are prolific in late spring and a great addition to floral arrangements. This Heritage Siberian Iris grows to 1m in height.


    You can either direct sow your seeds or plant your seeds in pots to plant out later on. To grow seeds in pots, plant them 2cm deep in compost rich potting mix in autumn or early winter. Iris need a period of cold to germinate. Germination will occur during early spring. Let the seedlings grow in pots until the following spring and then plant out.


    Excellent cut flower.