Strasberry - Fragaria × ananassa 'Mieze Schindler'

Strasberry - Fragaria × ananassa 'Mieze Schindler'


What's a Strasberry? It is a variety of the garden strawberry, with a raspberry-like appearance, originally developed by the German breeder Otto Schindler in 1925. It is not a hybrid of the two fruits. It is similarly soft textured, with characteristics that are similar to raspberries, such as being a deeper red, being rounder and having a bumpy exterior. They are also smaller than an average garden strawberry and have deeper seeds. Despite its much-valued flavour the variety was threatened by extinction but plants survived in amateur gardens in the former German Democratic Republic until they were reintroduced as a commercial variety by a Dutch farmer in the twenty-first century.


If you like strawberries and raspberries, you’ll love Strasberries! They look and like an ordinary strawberry, but have a distinct and surprising raspberry flavour. A wonderful variety to pick and enjoy fresh as a snack, or add to desserts, jams and puddings.


Grow these just like any other strawberry plant and enjoy a summer harvest. Height: 20cm. Spread: 20cm.


Also sold as a Framberry.  

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