Symphytum officinale - Comfrey

Symphytum officinale - Comfrey


Comfrey is a herbaceous perennial herb originating in Europe. It has large, hairy leaves and grows in a rosette to 1 m in height. The mauve flowers are bell-like and borne in clusters.  Comfrey is very easy to grow and prefers moist soil in full sun or partial shade.  



Comfrey probably has the widest range of uses in a permaculture system of any plant. The leaves contain silica, nitrogen, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. Comfrey leaves, measured as dry matter, are about 15 to 30% protein which is as high as most legumes.

  • Use the leaves as a mulch.
  • Liquid fertiliser - place handfuls of fresh leaves in a container, cover with boiling water and let soak for 2 weeks. Strain and apply direct to your plants.
  • Add the leaves to your compost to aid in the break down of organic matter.
  • Comfrey roots will aid in breaking up of compacted soils.
  • Due to its dense growth habit, comfrey is an excellent weed suppressant.


10cm pot