Tragopogon dubius - Yellow Salsify
  • Tragopogon dubius - Yellow Salsify


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    Like most salsifies, this salsify grows as an annual or occasionally biennial, reaching a height of around 60cm. It grows typically in warm, sheltered spots with moist soil. Its yellow flower head is between 4 and 6 cm in diameter and is likely to be seen in late spring or early summer. Buds are blue-green, tall, and tapered. The flowers opens early in the morning and often closes up by late afternoon. Later the plant forms a seed head that resembles that of the dandelions but is distinctly larger., around 7cm.  The seed heads can be used in floral arrangements.  


    The roots can be eaten either raw or cooked, the roots have a sweet flavour due to their inulin content, the young roots can be eaten raw whilst older roots are best cooked like parsnips, also the flowering stem, including the buds, can be cooked and served like asparagus.


    Fresh seeds are direct sown in spring, just cover with a fine layer of soil.  Germination in 1-3 weeks. 


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