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Our Shop

Thank you for supporting a small Australian business that proudly produces a quality Australian product.  

Lathyrus odoratus seeds are sold individually for 40 cents per seed. 

Prices for other Lathyrus varieties differ.

As our seeds have an 90% germination rate,

it is recommended that you purchase at least two seeds of each variety.  

Seed Packaging

*  Seed varieties sold in quantities of 5 or more will be separately labelled.  

*  Where varieties of seeds are purchased in quantities of less than

5 seeds these will be labelled as mixed.

*  Species seeds will be packaged and labelled separately.

If you do require your seeds separately labelled please contact us.

We also stock a large range of fresh seeds, bulbs and plants for 

cottage, meadow, kitchen (including edible flowers) and cut flower gardens.


Oh, we recommend you grab a cuppa and a bikkie and get comfy,

as you will be here for a while.

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