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Small Seed Lot Permit

This is a requirement of the United States for imported seeds and we strongly recommend all orders being shipped to the United States to obtain it.  This permit will protect your order from being confiscated by the United States Customs. 

These permits (ePermits) and can only be obtained by the importer .  This is a simple process and can be applied for online at no cost. These permits are valid for 3 years and allow for multiple seed imports.

Further information:
United States Department of Agriculture Small Seed Lots

How to obtain a Small Seed Lot Permit

Step 1 - Register Online with USDA

Register online for an eAuthentication USDA Level 2 Account allowing you to submit your ePermit application in the fastest possible way. Once you have registered you can then apply for your ePermit online (see Step 2 below).


STEP 2 – Apply for a Small Lots of Seed Permit

This can be done online or you can download forms and post them. 


This is the fastest method.  Processing times are around 2 to 3 days and the permit will be emailed to you. 

Apply for an ePermit online


Alternatively you may download the form directly below and fax or post to the USDA. On the first line of section(3) – ‘Intended Use’ – check mark SMALL LOTS OF SEED PROGRAM

 Application PPQ Form 587 (Import Plants or Plant Products)

Starting on the second line, list the seed species and countries from which you want to ship each species. If the list of species is long, you may enter “eligible taxa”. By using this option, you are accepting responsibility for determining the eligibility of the seeds.

STEP 3 – Email ePermit to Australia's Sweet Pea Specialists

Once you have received your approved ePermit and one green and yellow shipping label from the USDA, please attached to an email via and we will process your order.

We will post seeds to the United States without this but this will require you taking full responsibility if your order is lost or confiscated by the US customs/quarantine.  

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